Not quite a French classic, but, hey, what have you written lately?


Luis, Robin, and Cress, just seconds after graduating.

The Iacono siblings--Jonna, me (Adair), Alanna, and Devin. What one should know:

  • Jonna, on the far left, is wearing what is technically called the Iacono Smirk.
  • My hair has those streaks because it had been blue. I really, really miss my blue hair. But probably not as much as I'd miss being employed.
  • Devin doesn't make that face all the time
Robin, my roommate of four years, and her 'rents. With my hair in the way. Dammit.
I can't possibly caption this photo. But it is a snapshot of a barbeque I was at on my very last night on campus. Very strange. The girl in glasses is Jois, my good friend and the main reason I was present. Oddly enough, the man on the far right was my preceptor at one point. Bad class, but a great precept.