Voyages into Dumbness

Ever had to sit through a slide show of somebody's vacation? Or look at hundreds of photos of them in front of monuments? This is like that. Only, since it's a web page, your presence is elective. So you don't get to whine or give me dirty looks.


Travels Other portfolios

Madison, WI. July 2005.

Brooklyn photos. 2005-

Duluth, MN. June 2004.

Ducks! November 2006

Pittsburgh. September, 2003.

Shea Day. May 2006.

Memphis. April, 2003.

Blizzard! February 2006

Las Vegas. September, 2002.

The Gates, 2/27/05

Nashville. April, 2002.

Miscellaneous photos.

Chicago. (Early) September, 2001.

Screw P.Diddy. My sister ran the city.

An autohagiography, named after my beloved, defunct email address:
Oh, how I miss that email address.

A page devoted to my brother's stupidity. Because such incredible
phenomena need to be chronicled.

Graduation, 2000.