Adair's Highly Educational Trip to Nashville

What'd I learn?  
Well, I learned that there were ways the company I work for could improve our exhibits.
For instance, tour buses:
I also learned that there are things you don't pass up.
For instance, if you have the chance to see Willie Nelson in the Ryman Auditorium, do so. He played a three hour set! My hands were sore from clapping, my voice was hoarse from whooping (rather out of character for me), and I'm not sure I could have had more fun.


Other things one should do whenever afforded the opportunity:
Get a photo of an orange dinosaur in a pink dress with two Marines in their blues . . .


. . . visit Hatch Show Print . . .


. . . and NOT move within twelve hours of landing on a delayed flight, exhausting kind family members as well as oneself. It is hard to set up and enjoy a new home, however modest, when secretly wishing somebody would hit you with a blunt object and give you an excuse to sleep. A word to the wise is sufficient.
Not bad, I'd say, for a few days worth of learning.


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